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     RRA offers our students the opportunity to gain additional experience and knowledge in horse care and the tasks involved with being a groom in the format of job shadowing. This is a way for students to learn in depth about stable management, horse care and general horse knowledge without the safety hazard of doing so unsupervised or uninstructed.


Pony Club

Pony Club offers an extensive and thorough education outline, as well as an internationally recognized certification program. RRA guides and mentors students throughout the Canadian Pony Club program, including level achievements. Successful completion of the level A standard is equated to an Instructor's certification from Equine Canada. Members entering Pony Club begin at the E level and progress through D, D1, D2, C, C1, C2, B, B2 and A, with both Stable Management and Flat streaming beginning at the D1 level.

Equine Canada

Equine Canada offers an internationally recognized rider certification program through their Learn to Ride Program. This stream currently has levels 1-8, with 9 and 10 on their way.



A herd as dedicated to us as we are to them.


Baylah joined our team in 2014. She is a 13.2 hand high 12 year old paint pony with a very cute jump.


Jackson is a dun Connemara pony who excels in the show jumping ring. He has also become a favourite character at the local Robin In The Hood festival.


Scarlet is a Percheron/Thoroghbred cross mare. She has taken Michaelah through many jump courses and Dressage tests, as well as her C2 Pony Club level.


Raven is a palomino welsh cob cross pony. His favourite job is mounted games, and with good reason! Ask him about his resume sometime.


Meps is a 14 hand haflinger. He is well known for his personality, love of precision riding, and excels at Dressage and mounted games while enjoying some jumping as well.


Taffy is a very pretty dun quarter horse mare. She arrived at RRA with some Western reining training in addition to her understanding of flat work, and has since taken on each new request she was presented with in good style.


Pippin has taken to mounted games and hacking like the pro she is, and continues to finesse her Dressage and jumping in her spare time. She hails from Peterborough with Chloe and Sarah.


Michaelah and Shania first met Pumpkin while training with the Central Ontario Pony Club's National Master's Prince Phillip Games team for Nova Scotia. Since arriving at RRA, she has taken care of many students, and provided first showing experiences to several as well.


Quite the little superstar! Queenie has experience in the mounted games, jumping, and Dressage rings. She hacks out regularly and fabulously, even through the Tim Horton's drive thru from time to time.


Silver is a welsh cob gelding. He excels in mounted games and eventing and loves his work. Shania has taken him to countless shows, rides and through some of her Pony Club levels.


Donnie is the tallest horse on the farm, standing at 17.2 hh. He is a Clydesdale. Donnie has been on many trail rides, has done some flat work and has proven to be excellent at jumping.


Eclipse has been Shania's partner for quite some time! They competed in Pony Club Dressage, Prince Phillip Games and Rally together.


Max is an 11.2 hh Welsh pony with a lot of character. He has the fantastic gaits of a fancy horse much taller than he is and a cute jump. He makes friends easily with anyone who will groom him!


Quarter horse/Fjord cross here! Trixie's favourite activity? Definitely the jumping. She got her name from her birthdate- April 1st!


Bob is the half brother to his partner in crime, Ten. These two get along well and keep each other busy! Bob has a lovely w/t/c and enjoys jumping. His favourite gymnastics are bounces!


Sarah is a very sweet Shetland pony. She arrived from Peterborough with Pippin and Chloe, and has since adventured in many hacks around town, mounted games and even parades.


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